The Weimar Republic

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Communism, World War II Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Claire Saunders
Mr. Borgiasz
AP Modern
European History
April 22, 2013
Weimar Republic
In the years following World War I, Germany had suddenly became a democratic state. The Weimar Republic created a divided situation in Germany, one that led to its downfall. The weak leadership of those at the head of government, the apathy of the German population towards democracy and the outright rejection of democracy by the communists were all factors that led to the instability and downfall of the Weimar Republic. The weak leadership of the German Democratic Party division caused by the new democracy in Germany contributed to the instability of the Weimar Republic. In Document 4, Thomas Mann, a novelist, talks about the peacefulness of a democratic state. Through his speech to the university he states his idea that only democracy can create peace and avoid war. There is no other option in order to avoid violence. He is arguing the positive effects of this new democratic state, but he is sating a very extreme opinion that is dividing the views of Germany. In Document 2, Marie Juchaez, a Social Democratic Party representative, talks about the sudden imposition of gender equality in Germany. This is a huge change in Germany that this particular woman thinks is a very positive change made by the new democracy and she mentions how “my sex now has the chance to fully develop all of its potential”. Marie Juchaez is arguing positively for the democracy because she is part of the government. Because she is part of the Social democratic party she will obviously advocate for her parties belief and success. In Document 1, Ernst Troeltsch, a leader of the German Democratic Party, talks about how though the democracy is good it does have issues. Though he does not give any specific problems of solutions he states that if changes in the state are not made Germany will fall to a dictatorship. The problems with government leadership can be seen in these documents. Ernst Troeltsch...
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