The Weapons of World War 2

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Weapons of World War 2

The argument for fifty years has ranged from "we had to" to "couldn't this have been avoided" to "my God, never again." What led to the evolution of such a deadly means of irreversible destruction? If World War I was the war to end all wars . . . how can any one ever explain Hiroshima or Nagasaki? World War I (1914-18) began as a war of movement, but after the first few weeks of engagement, troops (and nations) found themselves in the midst of what amounted to a stand-off, or, at the very least, a war of wills. Each side suffered enormous casualties in vain efforts to breach the other's defenses; new weapons such as the airplane and the tank were introduced, and sea warfare was revolutionized by the submarine. (Miller, Clarke)World War II (1939-45) proved itself to be a return to the war of movement. The Germans were first successful because they used numerous tanks with a vicious, conquest mentality directed at Poland and France. Eventually, the Allies were able to defeat the Germans because of their superior numbers and industrial strength. Armor was used to great advantage in Russia, North Africa, and, in the final campaigns, in Western Europe. In the Pacific war, which was fought over a wide expanse of oce

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The main action against Germany during the fall of 1944 was in the air. Escorted by long-range fighters, particularly P-51 Mustangs, U.S. bombers hit industrial targets by day, while the German cities crumbled under British bombing by night. Hitler had responded by bombarding England, beginning in June, with V-1 flying bombs and in September with V-2 rockets; but the best launching sites, those in northwestern France and in Belgium, were lost in October. The effects of the Allied strategic bombing were less clear-cut than had been expected. The bombing did not destroy civilian morale, and German fighter plane and armored vehicle production reached their...
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