The Ways a Male and a Female Use Language

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The Ways a Male and a Female Use Language

A man is beautiful and a woman is handsome? What are grammar criteria for using those two expressions? In the Serbian language, which is my first language, lady’s and gentlemen’s languages differ in many ways. We learn those rules and an appropriate way of using language since we start using the language. In other words, a verbal language, a nonverbal language, and an emotional display vary depending on the gender.

Since I was a child, I remember my mother teaching my sisters and me an ‘’appropriate’’ language to use. First, when I was child, my mother chose the right toy for me, and then she would teach me the language that I was supposed to use while I was playing with that toy. In the Serbian language, a woman uses more adjectives than nouns. They describe the thought circling around the topic until they get to the point. However, I have a cousin my age. His name is Sasha. Sasha had spent almost all day with my sisters and me. In my home, there were no boy toys for him to play with. That is why he played with our girl toys, which our mother bought. After a while, he started to use the same language to play with toys as we did. For instance, his father gave him a lion toy, and instead of describing the lion as a kind of the jungle, dangerous animal, he said that lion is a soft and sweet toy. In his father opinion, my little cousin spent too much time surrounded by ‘’girl language’’. That was the reason that he tried to teach him the really language that is best for him. He hired a male babysitter for Sasha.

A female’s nonverbal language is also very different form a male’s nonverbal language. Gestures or body movement and postures are part of the nonverbal language that is different for a man and a woman. My mother taught me what the right clothing for me, how I should behave if I am wearing a dress or another kind of clothing. Later, I discovered the right way to use a nonverbal message to communicate...
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