The Ways to Reduce Road Accident

Topics: Tram accident, Automobile, The Road Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: June 23, 2011
A very good morning to the respected principal, dedicated teachers and all the good students. Today, I as the Head Prefect of my school, wish to give a talk on the reasons why accidents occur and give suggestions to reduce accidents. The rise in the number of road accidents and road fatalities is indeed worrying. Even the road safety campaigns aimed at reducing road accidents have met with little success. Only when there is a change in the mindsets of road users can we expect a decrease in the number of road accidents. The most reason that occur the problem is negligence of road users. The road users always pay inattention while driving on the road. They are using mobile phones or looking at other distractions when driving cars or motorcycles. The drivers love speeding and losing control of their vehicles to get fun. Hence, this will cause a carnage of road accidents. Sometimes, some careless drivers are giving the wrong signals and cause the road accident. So, the number of road accidents is rapidly increasing. Besides that, the drivers are also overtaking dangerously as they cannot wait and waste the valuable time. The road accidents may happen because of following a vehicle too closely. This means that when a vehicle suddenly stops, other vehicle cannot see and directly contact with the vehicle. The authorities are not really paying heed to road conditions. There are some small or big holes on the roads. It is very dangerous especially in night. Nobody can concern about the problem. Moreover,
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