The Ways of the Amish

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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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The Ways of the Amish
The Amish people’s primary mode of substance is emerging agriculture or better known as farming. All of their food is mainly grown, raised, and prepared by the hands of the Amish. Kinship is the backbone of their society. They believe in helping each other out and are very strong in their family ties. Religion is also very important to them and they hold strong values. “The Amish obtain health care from biomedical practitioners, from a variety of complementary and alternative medicine providers, and through the use of home remedies” (In Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology, 2004, para. 17). The Amish Culture is unique in its emerging agriculture, its kinship, its beliefs and values and its medical philosophy. Emerging Agriculturists

The Amish cultures are well known agriculturally, because of their farming skills. The Amish peoples’ primary mode of substance is emerging agriculturist because they base almost their whole way of life around the aspects of agriculture. Despite there being twenty-five different types of Amish, all having slightly different traditions but they all base their life around farming. The Amish people have used horse-drawn power for work and transportation from present day to the begging of their forefathers. “These people trace their heritage back hundreds of years, and yet, despite all the time that has passed and the many changes that have taken place in society, they still live and work much as their forefathers did” (The Amish Way of Life and Culture, 2010-2012, para.4). An average Amish family only acquires a few acres of land. On these few acres they will produce crops and raise animals for food to provide for their family. They will also buy, sell, and trade with neighboring Amish families for other commodities that they lack to produce on their farm. Farming is an intense act of labor in a mechanized society meaning the use of mechanical equipment, such as tractors and machines. With the...
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