The Ways How to Become an Educated Person

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  • Published : July 20, 2008
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There are many ways to become educated, through travels, books, discussion and of course through the college or university, which give you the tools to learn about the world, its people and their cultures. In my opinion, an educated person should have: general knowledge, analyzing skills, open mind and family influence which make people to acquire some knowledge or talents that turns them in persons able to accept differences.

First, I would like to note that being educated is not the same as being trained, even though training may be one of the ingredients of education. A person who has been taught to repairs electronics, or drive a truck can be said to have received training, but such training does not constitute education.

An educated person is who possess the general knowledge of world needed for making rational decisions in personal and intellectual life as mathematics basic skills, which develops the analytical ability in order to adapt to the changing environment. Also, has an open mind, which helps to set up new and different goals in the life, and who through experiences or studies has the skill to analyze and value the others’ ideas or thoughts.

Besides, another factor that influences in the persons’ education is the family teaching. This helps to develop respectful manners to speak and to defend the decisions and thoughts in front of the rest, as well as respect the others. In my case, I remember all the time my mother saying: that I have to salute the others first loudly and by shaking their hands, how to behave in the table and how to remain quietly listening the others opinion. All this helps to develop good social skills, very important if we want to interact in this world.

As part of life, the education never ends, even if you finish the university and become a professional. No one is truly educated because our world is changing continuously, so our knowledge has to be improved and updated everyday. To be educated, people need to make...
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