The Way I Lie

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The Way We Lie
Megan Boatman
4 December 2011
Teacher D.W.

The Ways We Lie
Stephanie Ericsson author of “The Ways We Lie” was born in 1953 and was raised in San Francisco. The essay “The Way We Lie” was first published in the Utne Reader. Her husband Jim died in 1988 and due to that she kept a journal and later turned it in to a book called “Companion Through the Darkness, Inner Dialogues on Grief”. Her other works include ShameFaced (Hazelden Publications), that is used for the last 25 years in chemical dependency treatment centers. She was also the editor of two books by Stephen Zuckerman: New Clichés for the 21st Century and Doc, What's Up? Stephanie presently lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

In the Way We Lie Ericsson talks about the way people lie. There are ten different ways people lie that are talked about in her essay. A few of them are the white lie, ignoring the plain facts, omission, and out and out lies. The white lie assumes that telling the truth will cause more bad or harm then a simple untruth would do (50 Essays.) Ignoring the plain truth is a “false action done with the intent to deceive” (50 essays.) Omission is telling most of the truth leaving out one or two of the important facts (50 essays.) Out and out lies are a bald face lie (50 essays.)

In the Way We Lie the author uses classification in order to write the essay. The different ways someone could lie is broken down into different parts. None of the author essays have classification in them.
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