The Way You Feel About Football

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  • Published : July 27, 2011
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There is no doubt that football has significantly impacted American society. The impact on American society has been a positive effect. Football helps develop sportsmanship, teamwork, and a healthy life.

First, football players learn teamwork to help create plays and win games. Teamwork means a group of people interacting together in a group toward a goal. I learned how to work better in groups and with others. For example, when I was six years old I was anti-social I would look or talk to anyone in class or the hallway. A week later, my dad signed me up for a youth flag football league. Once, I started playing football I started talking in class and speaking to other people. Also, teamwork taught me a sense of trust with people. Teamwork helped me develop better relationship skills with family and friends.

Football players learn sportsmanship. Sportsmanship means treating teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials with respect. I learned how to be more supportive of people. Since, learning how to be more supportive to people I can now give someone something like money, clothes, or shoes and feel like I just truly blessed someone. Also, football has taught me discipline of the gem of football and life. Sportsmanship taught me to play a fair game and not cheat.

Next, football players live healthy lives by exercising. To play football you have to be in shape. To be in shape, means making better eating choices and getting your nutrition. To play football, you have to be involved in promoting fitness to the body. When I play football I am in the mind state of fitness. While active there is an improvement to the mood and reduction to symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In conclusion, football has impacted America as I know it significantly and the impact is a good one. Football has taught me develop sportsmanship, live healthier, and teamwork.
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