The Way We Perceive the World Is Shaped by Internal Rather Than External Factors

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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THE WAY WE PERCEIVE THE WORLD IS SHAPED BY INTERNAL RATHER THAN EXTERNAL FACTORS Acclaimed playwright Tennesse Williams was a sickly child. As a result, he was heavily dotted upon by his mother. He was inherently sensitive, desiring to “shrink away in his own private oasis of poetry and writing”. This behaviour was a desperate attempt to escape the domestic conflict between his puritanical mother and bombastic father. His father, disapproving of his literary endeavours, labelled him a sissy instigated much of the childhood intimidation he experienced. Oppressed in her domestic life, Williams’ demure mother was persistent in warning her three children to be weary of men like their father. This perhaps indirectly endorsed William’s pursuits in a field which encouraged empathy and understanding. Blanche Dubois, the genteel ad flighty female protagonist in Williams’ revered work “A Streetcar Named Desire” is an amalgamation and embodiment of William’s feeling of rejection and feelings of being marginalized in society at the time as a result of not fitting the rigid structures imposed upon and expectations of him. Famously singing “it’s only a paper moon. Just as phony as it can be- but it wouldn’t be make believe if you believed in me!” to an audience of pragmatist Stella and disgruntled masochistic brother in law Stanley, juxtaposed with her transient, “moth-like” demeanour. Blanche articulates in her song the variation and perceptions amongst different individuals, and also the intrinsic human device within which insists on validating the perceptions of those held by others before accepting them. Often, if outside perceptions prove too abstract, our own inhibition discretion reject these perceptions, and cling onto our, as a natural thought process. Our perceptions arise as an accumulation of internal and external factors. Humans have philosophized over time a notion of “free will”, which in essence leaves us at liberty to make our own decisions. However science...
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