The Way to Prevent Drug Abuse Is Through Education Not Legislation

Topics: Drug addiction, Drug, Addiction Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: December 18, 2012
“The way to prevent drug abuse is through education not legislation.” Discuss. Posted on January 4, 2012
Has law ever been successful in stopping people from abusing drugs? Drug abuse, seen among the youths, is a serious problem even in developed countries just because it cannot be prevented by means of legal procedure. Education, on the other hand, gives us light, sight and insight and hence makes us aware of the health hazards caused by the abuse of drugs. Since education is the path shower to healthy life, it directs people for a drug free life. It makes us understand that drug costs health, wealth and time. Education, therefore, is the only measure to prevent drug abuse. Education creates awareness among the people. It explains what drug actually is. It provides knowledge about the bad consequences of drug abuse. One knows that drug abuse can cost health and property. Education makes us aware that drugs directly affect our nervous system and its excessive use can make person unconscious or even lead to the death of the person. It affects the normal functioning of our various organs such as brain, kidneys, heart and so on. The use of drugs through injection can transmit HIV among the drug users which will drive the death even nearer. Furthermore, drugs are very expensive. One needs to spend a lot of money to buy them. Education makes us acquainted with the knowledge of all these harmful effects of drug abuse in right time. Thus, it makes people aware of such a harmful habit. Education makes us decisive. One of the main causes of admitting to drug addiction is peer pressure and pushers’ force to use drugs. If one cannot take right decision in such moments his life is pushed into hell. Education is such a light that makes a person far-sighted. A far-sighted person takes care of aspects like what are the benefits and drawbacks of a substance. So, when it comes to drug, he says “No” promptly to drugs. He is aware that drug only gives us temporary pleasure which...
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