The Way to Get the Most Out of Your Staff Is to Reward Them Intrinsically.

Topics: Motivation, Reward system, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 5 (2025 words) Published: November 12, 2012
The way to get the most out of your staff is to reward them intrinsically. Based from the title is shown that if managers want to get the best performance from their staff, they need to reward their staff intrinsically. From the research that has been taken part in this topic, intrinsic rewards are one of the methods that can be used to motivate your staff means that the staffs are motivated by rewards that are largely intangible. This means if we are the staff, we place more value on outcomes that are sourced from within ourselves, rather than from external factors. It is also can be linked to our feelings. Such as, feeling satisfied and capable, enjoying a sense of challenge, re-enforcing self-esteem, satisfaction at accomplishments, general enjoyment in our work, feeling appreciated, satisfaction at realizing our potential and taking pleasure at being treated with care and consideration (Anon, 2007). On the other side, other methods are extrinsic reward which it refers to motivation by external or tangible rewards. We are motivated to perform by things or factors which come from other people or organizations. Typically these include increasing of salary and bonuses, fringe benefits, promotion and its trappings, and condition of work (Anon, 2007). McShane & Glinow (2009), Maslow’s hierarchy is closely related with extrinsic and intrinsic rewards and the extrinsic rewards are related to physiological needs and safety needs while intrinsic reward are linked with needs of love and belonging and the needs of self-esteem as cited in (Anon, 2012). Furthermore, the concepts of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are cardinal concepts in social and humanistic psychology, and represent distinctive mental processes that interact in specific ways that can in turn be observed through observation of individuals in work, school, and other institutionalized settings (A. J. Marr, 2001). In occupational side, a study of over 2,000 employees by the Gallup Organisation, for example, found that 69% of employees prefer praise and recognition from their managers over and above money. Therefore, the key to developing – and maintaining – a highly engaged and motivated team is to use intrinsic motivators, not extrinsic motivators (Adonis, 2006). In the main as Manolopoulos (2007), the evidence provided reveals the dominance of extrinsic rewards as a way to empower and motivate employees, indicating that in the extended public sector of Greece intrinsic motivation is clearly less utilized (average responses of 2.82 and 2.42 respectively, t ¼ 5:61, significant at the 0.0001 level). So it is can be say that both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are important in getting the most out of your staff. According to La Bella (2005) as cited by Anon (2012), different individuals have different perceptions of rewards. Both intrinsic and extrinsic have the advantages and disadvantages in using it. From the managing side, the managers need both to control and manage their staff specifically in hospitality industry that we need to fake our true emotion so that the staff can serve the best to the customer. So that manager can use intrinsic motivation to reward their staff based on performance from the staff itself. An intrinsic reward according to Anon. (2012) actually fulfils employee’s intrinsic factors or motivators and thus motivates him. Examples include; giving challenging task, involving in decision making process, giving a higher rank in hierarchy etc. all these rewards do not required to have increased salary as well and employee may be working at higher management rank without an increase in the salary and still more motivated. While Extrinsic rewards actually fulfils employees extrinsic factors or hygiene factors and thus do not let him start thinking about leaving the company. Examples include; pay rise, bonuses, paid leaves, annual recreational plans etc. (Anon. 2012). As staff that working in hospitality industry reward is most important for them...
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