The Way Sports Affected People's Lives

Topics: Need, Want, American football Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Makedah Pascall AP English 11-18-12 Mr. Fayerberg Synthesis Essay Sports have played a major part in people’s lives all over the world. It has affected countries, families, and schools in a way that sports have become the center of their lives and basically nothing else matters as much. Sources A, C, E, and H have demonstrated the way sports have affected people’s lives in negative way, there are positives to the situation but it comes across more negative. The development of sports in schools and communities in people’s lives has affected their education and what really matters in life because they put sports first. Source H is a documentary focused on Massillon, Ohio’s football team the Tigers where the game is the center of their world, they don’t focus on any other sport. They believe that if you don’t play you’re nothing and if the team fails the whole town fails. This shouldn’t be the case because if you don’t like the sport you have the choice to not play it and losing just means they need to work harder. When a baby “boy” is born the head coach of the football team personally goes to the hospital to give the mom a mini football to give her son, this says that the child has no say in what he might want to do and that he is automatically going to be a football player. The town’s funeral home has customized caskets of the teams name on it; the town is considering raising taxes just so they can support and keep the football team going, after every game someone has a party, the three main players of the film Danny Studer, Dave Erwin and Ellery Moore feels that without football they would be nobody’s and wouldn’t make it to where they need to go without playing the game. They “Live, Breathe, and Eat football” and putting this in...
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