The Way of Learning

Topics: Essay, Writing, Essays Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Violet Juarez
David Paonessa
English 802
Essay #3: Final Draft

The Way of Learning
Throughout these past two semesters I have taught myself how to write better by learning from my mistakes. Coming to a realization that the more I write the more experience and knowledge I gain. By taking the time to analyze and look back on previous essays it showed me how I mature in my writing over this course. Developing stronger essays with the use of more formality, proofreading more carefully, great use of quotes, and many more attributes I find that showed my improvement. As I took time to look at two essay one being my most successful and the other the least successful I can see my strengths as well as weaknesses.

The essay that is most successful is my persuasive essay “Staying Home”. This essay was assigned to me second quarter and I showed a tremendous amount of improvement. I had good use of quotes and evidence supporting my thesis. The most important part of the essay is the thesis; I had a strong thesis that showed my reader my purpose of the essay. “Having a stay at home parent allows their children to properly develop good morals, obtain safety, create good study habits, and allow parents to be a bigger part of their child’s life”. The tone I used throughout the essay was formal and I avoided a non-academic tone. Many times writers use quotes without explaining them however, I elaborated each of the quotes I used. This essay was well organized and kept the reader intrigued. I established facts to support my argument for example, “Mary Eberstadt of the Hoover Institution offers a simple and straightforward answer: stay home with children. She has concluded that most of the problems of today’s youngsters—from biting toddlers to depressed middle-schoolers to out-of-control teenagers—can be blamed on out-of-the-house moms and absentee dads” (Blyth). In the essay I also learned how to counter my own argument which I feel enticed the reader to...
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