The Wave

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Education, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Kiana Ellison
January 23, 2013
POLS 1101-208

Cults: The Wave

The movie “The Wave” was about a history class starting to learn about Hitler, the Nazis

and what they were doing to Jews. The students in the class were affected by the video so the

teacher decided to construct an experiment on the students to see how they would react. The

experiment was to apply more discipline to the classroom environment and the student reacted

to this very well. Each day in class the teacher would add on different aspects to the class for

example the class now had a group name called The Wave, a hand shake, and rules they were

slowly becoming a group manipulated by what their “leader” was telling them. The Wave started

to become part of the students lives and was consuming them so much that they recruiting others

to be the group and those who denied being in the group or said negative things about the wave

would be resolved with fighting the other students. The students wasn’t the only ones being

consumed by the wave Mr. Ross, the teacher was going along with this concept so much that two

student had to come to him and inform him about what was going on around the school. Mr.

Ross stopped the whole experiment by tell the student that after school there would be a Wave

meeting. At this meeting he said that there would leader would be sending them a message on the

tv. As the student sat back a waiting Mr. Ross showed them that they were heading down a path

where they didn’t think for themselves but down the same path that Hitler and his followers went

down. As I was watching this film I saw how easily influenced the students became to the idea of

“The Wave” and I wondered if this is how movements such as Hitler’s start.
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