The Water Resource Problem

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  • Published : October 25, 2008
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The water resource problem brought up in the video is the declining fish populations in the ocean. Scientists and environmentalists believe that overfishing and improper fishing techniques is causing this and that regulations need to be put in place and enforced to help prevent the extinction of certain species of fish in the ocean. The fisherman in the video believes that his fishing is as good as it has ever been but is willing to work with scientists and environmentalists to help increase fish populations and prevent extinction. My plan for sustaining fish life in the ocean involves multiple action items. These action items would include researching and identifying how and why certain species of ocean fish are declining and if they actually are declining. Sitting down with scientists, environmentalists, and fishermen and having a discussion session about how to help prevent the declining fish population, if any decline in fish population is actually occurring, and what things could potentially cause a decline or possibly an extinction of certain species of fish. Drawing up a plan for limits on fish and fishing techniques that can be submitted to government agencies that could possibly pass laws to enforce limits and techniques. And finally revising the plan as needed until it is accepted by the government agencies. Identifying the reason behind declining fish populations in the ocean, if there is any, is the first step in my plan. This part could take anywhere from one month to a year. The steps to identifying the reasons would include reading fishing reports, scientific articles and any other items that can be produced pertaining to the subject. Interviewing scientists, researchers, environmentalists, and fishermen and getting their opinions as to why they think the fish populations may be declining. These would all be beneficial to finding out if the fish population is declining and why it is. Once all the research, data, and interviews are...
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