The Wasps Nest

Topics: Meaning of life, Human, Thought Pages: 4 (1144 words) Published: October 11, 2008
After a thorough reading and analysis of the poem, I have found that there co-exists a number of underlying themes and contradicting meanings within the poem; I believe the most plausible and recurrent theory is that this poem revolves around the theme of significance, human nature and fear of a looming and impending threat.

I have also seen that the themes, tone and meaning of the poem change throughout the poem. At first glance –in its starting lines, 1 to 24- the poem appears to be about nothing more major than the character’s disturbance at particular wasps which have chosen to make his US mailbox their nest. The poem then progresses, as do its continuously shifting tone and meaning.

After identifying the situation of the wasps’ nest, the voice, at one point, seems to run into somewhat of a conflict where his usual instinct, moral judgment and human nature are locked in a power struggle of conflicting thoughts.

As the poem then reaches its final lines, there begins an unraveling of deeper, more hidden themes.

Written by James L Rosenberg, published in 1962, The Wasps Nest can be taken under many different annotations depending on one’s view, throughout my analysis I have tried to convey as many possible –plausible- ideologies as to the poem’s individual and/or co-operative elements whether contradicting, coinciding or emphasizing in relation towards each other.

One could note that the real significance of the poem is hidden within the last seven lines of the thirty-one. Prior to the last seven lines; the complete tone and purpose of the poem shifts from the theme of a menial nuisance/ minor disturbance into questions about controversial thought of the significance of existence.

Rosenberg starts line 1 in a majestic description which refers towards particular wasps which have inhabited his mailbox. Although his description is praising towards the wasps, his first sign of the acknowledgement of their existence as living creatures; the first...
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