The Wasp Factory

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  • Published : April 11, 2011
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The wasp factory

Activity one:
1. the novel is driven by an overwhelmingly obsessive fist person narration – frank cauldhame, who speaks cooly and calmly about strange events. There are also these sacrifice poles, upon which hang bodies and heads of large animals such as seagulls, that frank has killed. he believes they define and protext the borders of frank’s territory. 2. he is capable of hmour, irony, self-analysis and has an objective view of his strange situation. He lives in a ritual life, stocking his sacrifice poles with the heads of dead animals and then urinating on them. He is aware that life is filled with symbols, such as the alternative deaths represented in the 12 positions of the wasp factory clock fance. frank is a strangelys likable character due to his clever thoughts and his complex physchological self as he displays a transparent honesty. banks wanted to show the darkness of the human mind. 3. scotland home (inverness) – often frank is in the attic/at the pub in town with his midget friend or on his ‘island’ upon which he lives with his father. 4. this novel sways towards the grotesque and gothic due to its exploration of death, mortality and arguably presentations of the monstrous in this world. it is extremeley violent, deeply precise/blunt and shows many twisted versions of reality. the novel works quite well as a bildungsroman (coming of age) as it deals with frank’s abitility to deal with events going on around him as he ahs grown up. it also deals with bank’s sceptical attitudes towards organised religion. frank is obsessive about rituals and the form of living things. the novel is also strongly about power and its abuse.

Activity two:
‘banks’ intorduction to the novel’
it is true when my teacher said that every page in this novel contains at least four different literacy techniques. from just the beginning paragrpah, banks has personified two standard objects, a wooden ple and a factory which we later...
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