The Warrior Heir

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In the beginning of the book, Katniss receives a visit from President Snow himself. She knows this is odd because Snow rarely leaves the Capitol. Snow explains to Katniss that she has started somewhat of an uprising. He can’t kill her so he tells her that it is imperative for her to convince the districts that she truly loves Peeta. Snow wears a white rose on his lapel that smells of blood.

Katniss then receives a visit from her stylist Cinna. Cinna has come to make her beautiful again for the victory tour. All victors attend every District after winning the Hunger Games. Katniss also must have a “job” after winning the Games. Katniss chose fashion design. Cinna does all of the design for her.

Every victor has their own way of dealing with the trauma imposed by the Hunger Games. Haymitch drinks, Katniss hunts, and Peeta paints. Peeta paints jarring depictions of events that happened in the Games. One of which is Rue right before dies. This one of course is very potent to Katinss’s grief.

The first stop on the Victory tour is District 11. This is one of the districts most at risk for rebellion. Katniss feels she must say something about Rue. After she does so they all salute her. Then a man breaks from the crowd and attacks a peacekeeper. This man is shot.

Katniss decides that the best way to prove that she and Peeta are in love is through an engagement. Peeta hates this because he wanted them to get married for real. He wanted her to truly love him and want to be married. He ultimately decides to do it and proposes marriage on Caesar Flickerman’s show. Capitol citizens love it.

After the show Peeta and Katniss attend a party at the Capitol. They feel that the Capitol is wasteful and hate their rituals. They shortly discuss helping a rebellion. A man named Plutarch Heavensbee talks with Katniss for a while. He then proceeds to show her his mockingjay symbol on his watch.

Katniss returns from the victory tour with Peeta just in time for the...
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