The Warhead Cable Test Dilemma

Topics: Management, Morality, Problem solving Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: February 19, 2011
Question 1

According to Kohlberg's moral development theory, Stanton Wong moral development should be at post-conventional level, where it is believed that caring for other is everyone's obligation. It is because he is concerning with the well being of the innocent civilians and the military personnel if a faulty missile misfired. Beside that, he also thinking a method of solving the problem so that everyone is cared for equally and nobody will harmed by the faulty cable. For Harry Jackson, he stage of moral development is at the pre-conventional level. At this level, self-interest is emphasized and values are adhered to in order to avoid punishment and also be rewarded. It can be proved by his intentionally to ignore the result of the product test and do not take action to correct the problem. It is because he does not think of the well being of the civilians and military personnel because he more worries about getting punishment from higher up if the warhead cable cant be deliver on time to the customer. From here we can see that he emphasis on his self-interest more than the values of other people.

Question 2

I think Stanton Wong should report the test result to the customer's source inspector, Jane Conway first and ask Jane to perform additional sample testing. I think it can help to convince Harry Jackson to stop the cable for shipping out for the customer if Jane found out there is a problem occurred on the cable. If Harry still refuse to solve the problem, then Stanton should report the case to the top management who have the power to change Harry's decision. One of the ethical reasoning is logic, it means before we can conclude or make a judgement , we have to ensure that premise, either factual or inferred, are know and clear. In this case, I think it is logical for Stanton to report the problem to authorities if the faulty items could harm innocence and also because he cares about the civilians and armed forces. Accuracy is one of the ethical...
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