The Warhead Cable Test Dilemma

Topics: Ethics, Weapon, Missile Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Discussion case: the Warhead Cable Test Dilemma

Bryson Corporation is a cable division assembly plant. Stanton Wong is the quality supervisor of the company and his boss, Harry Jackson, is the plant manager and a vice president of operations. Stanton was responsible for preparing a detailed report of all test results when a batch of cable was ready for shipment for Bryson. On the other side, Jane Conway performed additional sample testing as the customer’s source inspector instead on Bryson’s test data. In the situation of this case, Stanton had tested a sample taken from an early lot and had good results because of the short turnaround period which revealed problems on Friday that two failed of 10 samples. He is worried about how to report the failure results to his boss as they have protocol which requires that a test failure be reported for such results. For Bryson Corporation, they should act ethically because as a cable division assembly plant, their job is to produce a batch of laminated cable for their major customer, a military contractor. The cable will be used by the military contractor to produce military weapon and then the weapon will be sold to other countries all over the world. So the quality of the cable that Bryson produced is quite important and it will influence the quality of the weapon that their contractor produced. Also, to be a reputable company, Bryson has a duty to secure every cable they produced should in a good quality. However, if Bryson act unethically, they ignore defects in a batch of laminated cable they have produced; there will be several potentially negative repercussions. For example, when the military contractor received the laminated cable with defects that they didn’t know, they will use the failure cable to produce weapon such as firearms, bombs or missiles. This may introduce misfire or discharge accidentally. At the same time, the safety of the people who manufacture the weapon and use the weapon will both get...
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