The War That Made America

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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The War That Made America:
The French and Indian war went on from 1756 to 1763. It was also known as the Seven Years’ War, it lasted seven years. It greatly involved the Native Americans and affected the relationship that they had with the French. The British and the French were fighting to see who would take over the colonies in North America. The British won. After the British won the French and Indian war, they began taking over the colonies and started to take some rights away from the Americans. For example, the British gained a lot of property in North America as a result of winning the war and they wanted to limit property, so they restricted the colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains. The British had also put many of their soldiers in America to protect their interests, and that made the colonists feel unsafe. The British also started taxing the Americans and enacting new laws because of the debt that they were left with after the war. The Americans were being pushed to the limit; it was not fair what was being done. They were being treated unfairly. These points were when the feelings of disloyalty towards the British began to arise in the American colonists.

The colonists were angered. The British were putting many new laws into action; laws that were not fair to the colonists. Those acts took away the rights of the colonists and some of them caused feelings of safety to fade away even more. The laws being enacted involved taxation. The colonists did not want to be taxed by anyone other than their own representatives; they did not want taxation without representation. Some of these acts were the Sugar Act, in 1764, which they enacted to try to get colonists to pay taxes, and the Stamp Act, in 1765, which taxed printed things. There are a lot of things that are printed, thus the colonists had to pay a lot of taxes. That led them to deciding to take a stand. They did so.

The American colonists began to protest. They boycotted...
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