The War on Tobacco

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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The War on Tobacco

Each day, millions of Americans of all ages light up a cigarette distributed by the tobacco companies. Smoking is a habit that, in the long run, causes cancer and other diseases associated with the lungs. Now, this deadly cancer causing drug is one of the leading causes of death in America today. Some may argue that it is a person¹s choice to smoke and that the tobacco companies are innocent because of this. In actuality, the tobacco companies are to blame for toying with the lives of millions of Americans. For many years, the tobacco companies have been keeping secrets from the American public and lied about the true effects of cigarette smoking causing our older generations¹ deaths. The tobacco companies now have warning labels on packs of cigarettes and are seeking another generation to kill by aiming their campaign at young teens that don¹t read labels. They are increasing the potency of the nicotine to ³hook² more smokers as well.

In the years 1950-1968, the tobacco industries knew that their product was harmful and didn¹t decide to warn the American public until the year 1969. Because of the tobacco companies irresponsibility, our older generations are enduring painful, inevitable deaths. The tobacco companies have been arguing for years that no studies have been done within their company about the correlation of cigarette smoking and lung cancer and that they are ignorant on that matter. They have been keeping things from us for years while studies outside the tobacco companies had been done to help prove that smoking is harmful in the short and long runs to one¹s health. There was a memo written in 1963 marked ³strictly private and confidential² which stated,² moreover, nicotine is addictive... We are then in the business of selling nicotine, an addictive drug effective in the release of stress mechanisms.²(Hwang). If the tobacco companies were in fact ³ignorant² on the correlation between their product and lung cancer along with other diseases, then they should make themselves more educated about their own product or suffer the consequences and face law suits from the government and citizens of America. But, in fact, the tobacco companies have known for years what is really in each cigarette and how it really might affect us in the long run.

The tobacco industry of RJ Reynolds think that since there are now warning labels on packs of cigarettes, they shouldn¹t be held accountable and now people know the risks that smoking brings. On the contrary, they are surveying young, immature teens who do not read warning labels and aiming their campaign to addict yet another generation of smokers. The campaign of Joe Camel, a cartoon character known to be ³cool², came across the nation on billboards and in advertisements in almost all magazines. In the past four years teenage smoking has risen and Joe Camel is one of the top leading smoking brands among teens. There was another secret discovered in the tobacco company of RJ Reynolds stamped ³RJR Secret² which was the plan to launch the campaign aimed at ³younger adult male smokers (primarily 13-24 year old male Marlboro smokers)²(Geyelin).

With the dying off of the older generation and warning labels on the packs of cigarettes, the tobacco industries are also deliberately increasing the potency of a cigarette to hook more smokers. Tobacco companies may deny any increase in potency of the cigarette because they are by no means increasing the level of nicotine in a cigarette. Instead of adding more nicotine, they decided to go farther with the potency by adding ammonia based compounds to cigarettes. This makes the drug more harmful to one¹s health and also causes more of an addiction. Even without increasing other drugs in the cigarette, the effects of nicotine can by far addict a person alone. Nicotine is a drug that causes the release of dopamine. Dopamine has many different effects on the brain and is...
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