The Walmart Effect

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The Wal-Mart Effect


Helping to describe the Wal-Mart effect on the United States of America’s economy and the world!

Table Of Contents

❖ History of Sam Walton.
❖ Background on Wal-Mart.
❖ Management Goals and objectives.
❖ Marketing philosophy.
❖ Labor Unions and Wal-Mart.
❖ Wal-Mart’s Use of information technology.
❖ A S.W.O.T analysis on Wal-Mart.
❖ The purchasing power of Wal-Mart.
❖ Inventory management.
❖ Expanded operation into groceries.
❖ Wal-Marts role as the largest company and
employer in the world.
This will be a paper based on Wal-Mart. The paper will go through all of the different aspects of the company, from the beginning of Sam Walton’s career to the present Wal-Mart of today. The paper will also go into explanation on other aspects of interest related to Wal-Mart, such as the background on Wal-Mart, the managing goals and objectives of Wal-Mart, The marketing philosophy of Wal-Mart, their use of information technology and many other pieces to the puzzle of what is Wal-Mart. We will start off with the story of Sam Walton and how he came to begin what we now know as Wal-Mart.

History of Sam Walton

[pic] [pic]Sam Walton was a man who took many chances. He would never just give up; with his never say never attitude. Sam was a man that would keep on fighting even if the odds seemed to be against him. He was like no other man in this world. Throughout most of his life he has fought an up hill battle and in the end he won. Sam Walton was a leader not a follower. He would prefer to just do than be told what to do. Sam Walton grew up during the depression and knew that hard work and conservation were a way of life. He was described as an extremely hard working individual, always trying to get the most out of his money. He was portrayed as a real “go getter” and had a high desire to succeed.

Sam Walton was born on March 29, 1918 to Thomas Gibson and Nancy Lee Walton near Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Sam’s parents owned and lived on a farm until 1923. The Walton's at that point decided that the farm was not going to make them a good enough living to support and raise a family on. So, Sam’s father decided he would go back to the business of a Farm Loan Appraiser. Once his father started this new job the Walton family moved out of Oklahoma and moved from one town to another town in Missouri. This would often traumatize most normal children but for the Walton boys though, it seemed like it was no big deal. This could be seen when Sam was in eighth grade at Shelbina middle school he became the youngest boy in the state's history to become an Eagle Scout and this was only a start of his profound accomplishments. As Sam Walton grew up he was always an ambitious boy. He attended Hickman High School in Columbia there he played basketball and football. He became the starting quarterback for the football team and led the team to the state victory in 1935. He wasn't one of the smartest people in school but he was determined to do a good job, so with a lot of hard work and a ton of studying he became an honors student. Besides being into sports and brushing up on his book smarts you could also consider him a political figure at school. He served as Vice- President of his Junior Class and he also served as, President of the Student Body during his senior year. Sam also had to help support his family, along with his father and brother because money was so scarce due to the depression. Sam's job was to milk his families cow, then bottle the milk, and deliver the surplus fresh milk to their customers. When he was done with all of this he still would go off to deliver newspapers. During the time of the great depression it would have been easy for Sam to just give up on school and go to work full time to keep supporting his family. Even so, seeing though how his family was struggling to make ends meet, Sam decided he was going to stay in...
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