The Voting Age, 16?

Topics: Idea, Adolescence, Democracy Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Should the Voting age be changed to sixteen?
Although some people believe that voting is not of much importance, it truly is. It is a privilege in our country to have the right to vote, and have some say in what affects our lives every day. Most people don’t see this as a privilege and take advantage by not participating. Therefore, most adults over eighteen do not take the time to vote. So, what makes us think sixteen year olds will take responsibility and make a change? There are both pros and cons to this situation, mostly depending on the view in which is taken. In my opinion there are more pros than cons in this decision, they are as follows; giving teenagers more freedom, as a teenager myself, I enjoy having freedom. Another, is more responsibility, some people feel that you should be given responsibility at an early age, which simply prepares you for the future and makes you a better person. Also, the generations which will come will determine our future and the future of others. Let’s hope they are responsible and mature enough to make those important decisions. One could argue either aspect of the voting issue. They both have good and bad outcomes. (Freedom, the power to act, speak, or think without restraints.) Sometimes people are given too much freedom they take advantage of it and make stupid decisions. Teenagers do this often; therefore they might not take things seriously, and could make a big impact either negatively or positively. Responsibility and maturity come with growing up and making good choices. If teens were given the right to vote, they more than likely would not make or take the time to watch political debates, or anything else that might pertain to the voting issue. The generation of today might have good ideas, along with the capability of achieving many feats. Some things people do, and ideas people have makes one wonder sometimes! Should the voting age be changed to 16?

I think that maybe if people’s lives weren’t so hectic,...
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