The Voice Pattern in Color of Water

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  • Published : April 21, 2008
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. The voice pattern in this novel closely transforms from James to his mother. It seems as if McBride uses this voice pattern to tell the story of James and his mother at the same age, and times of their lives. One advantage that is gained from this voice pattern is that it follows a unique order which informs you of the past, so that you will understand the future. One disadvantage that is gained from this voice pattern is that McBride does not stick to one topic. Throughout the novel he often jumps back and forth in time without any relation to the topic.

2. The answers that McBride’s mother gave him when he was a kindergartner asking questions about why she did not look like the other mothers were very blunt. She also always indirectly answered his questions by telling him she was “light-skinned”, or just lighter than her kids were. She also informed James that it didn’t matter what others thought or said the most important issue that he should worry about was his education.

3.In chapters 13-16, McBride and his mother faced many difficulties, which may have suggested the possibility of running away. In chapter 13, Ruth became pregnant which caused a major problem. In chapter 14, James began to do poorly in school, use drugs, and get involved in theft. Within chapter 15, Ruth was unable to attend her graduation ceremony. Lastly, in chapter 16 both Ruth and James lost an important part of their lives; her husband and his stepfather.

4. In chapter 17-18, both Ruth and James were lost. In chapter 17, Ruth became fed up with her aunt’s behavior which caused her to quit her job, and seek to find another one. Ruth often became lost searching for a job, because many turned her down. Eventually, Ruth was hired as a manicurist at a barbershop. In chapter 18, James became lost when he arrived at the new house in Delaware and he had to make a decision about whether or not to move because his mother could not afford to live in New York any longer. He also had...
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