“the Voice of Ile a Morphil”

Topics: Human Development Index, Development, Developed country Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: October 18, 2012
essay of “The Voice of Ile a Morphil”
The documentary “The Voice of Ile a Morphil” shows a relationship between a more developed country and a less developed country. There are arguments both supporting and opposing Development Aid. Those that support development aid say that the wealth gained through a MDC/LDC relationship has a trickledown effect, and will benefit both countries; the other side of this argument is that the more developed country will take advantage of the less developed country and exploit its resources. In this particular case, it seems to have been beneficial to the less developed country, by providing funding, advice and schools. Development Aid is a good notion, but is often executed poorly, such as mining in third world countries. When done right, development aid is beneficial to both parties, and can help develop a region without unethically harming its culture.

In many cases of development aid, the less developed country receives “help” in the form of job opportunities and money. While this approach will increase the GNI per capita, and purchasing power parity, it will not necessarily benefit the Human Development Index. There are numerous examples of Development Aid gone wrong. When a company or country takes an interest in the resources of a third world country, it often overlooks the cultural and environmental impact of their operations. The Grasberg gold mine is one example of where development aid only results in ruin of local communities. PT Freeport Indonesia, the company that runs the mine, has taken four hundred feet off of a sacred mountain to the local people (Danny Kennedy). PT Freeport Indonesia has said that its presence will help the Paupuan Agribusiness by providing infrastructure. The farmers and fisherman used to sell and trade amongst themselves; PT Freeport Indonesia says that they are providing infrastructure and development aid, but in reality are only hurting the local traditions and Culture (Paupan...
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