The Vision Failed Case Study

Topics: Management, Failure, Reform Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: December 23, 2012
2012 Mid-Semester 1: Graded Case Study Assignment: “The Vision Failed” MARKING COVER SHEET

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Question 1: If you were consulting with the HTE Board of Directors soon after Harold started making changes, what would you advise them regarding Harold’s leadership from a transformational perspective? As a transformational leader Harold fails to demonstrate the 4 I’s and as such his reforms will not lead to the desired results. His lack of individualized consideration is seen by his failure to make employees feel their concerns are listened to and in the disconnect between him and the workers due to a lack of clear channels of communication for goals. Employees have little influence on the reforms, which leads to inefficiency such as the inconsistent management hierarchy; the current top-to-bottom management does not allow for the reforms to be carried out successfully and I recommend a new system in which employees are engaged in bringing innovation to the company allowing for intellectual stimulation and motivation of the employees. Question 2: Did Harold have a clear vision for HTE? Was he able to implement it? Harold created a vision statement, which could have been made clearer by perhaps shortening it from the lengthy 2 pages, and in it he described the purposes, directions and values of the company, however we do not know if it was comprehensive or conclusive. A vision statement does not ensure a smooth transition, transformational leadership transforms all areas of the company and the vision does not describe how the reforms should be implemented. The vision was in fact, lost in the reforms due to his loss of control. His choice to delegate operational control of the company to focus on external relations, lack of trust from the employees and the ineffective nature of the reforms due to the senior managers lack of understanding of the needs of the workers...
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