The Virgin Suicides

Topics: Suicide, Major depressive disorder, Suicide methods Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Probable Causes of the Virgin Suicides

Suicide is a sensitive issue in American society because it carries many negative connotations and has a lasting result on surviving members of the community. The victim’s family and friends will have a tough time during the grieving process since the causes of suicide are usually hard to identity and address. The film “The Virgin Suicides” portray an emotionally torn family after the youngest sister commits suicide that leads to national attention. The family is mainly run by a devout Christian mother and operates under a very strict and limiting moral code. The family environment can be blamed for causing all the sisters to committing suicide. The primary reason for blaming the household is since all the sisters had to suffer because of the restrictions set by their overbearing mother. All of the sisters seem to have limited and highly biased perspective view toward the outside world. They were never able to see the opposite sex without the consent of both parents and thus had to suffer a lot socially by having minimal friends. It is a miracle that most of the girls didn’t have any emotional problems until their youngest sister committing suicide. Most of them only interacted with other peers during school and didn’t have any interaction with the outer world besides magazine and music. It must have been very difficult to talk about their problems only with their family and not having a source that had a different perspective on the issue. I am assuming that the local priest or father was a substitute for a therapist, even though he doesn’t have any formal background or knowledge to treat mental illnesses. It is definitely too late for the youngest sister when she finally saw a therapist since it was clear that she was in severe depression and needed urgent medical help. No one saw any signs since the mother restricted their access to information and everyone in the household was ignorant. Even if the sisters wanted to...
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