The Virgin Analysis

Topics: Character, Protagonist, Antagonist Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: September 27, 2012
1. Discuss the characteristics of the protagonist using feminism.

* Our main character is Miss Mijares, she is most likely in the age of 30s and she is still a virgin. She realized that love and marriage have eluded her because she is taking so much of her mother, but the mother died lately.

* Using the feminism approach in describing the characteristics of the protagonist in the story, Miss Mijares is an educated woman and also holding a high position in her job. Asides from having education and a high position, she is also a woman of authority in the company where she is working. In the story, she is acts bossily to the applicants whether man or woman. Just like what she said to the carpenter who is applying also where she works, “Since you’re not starving yet, you will not mind working in our woodcraft section...” These details about the main character support the feminist theory of being dominant of the woman in the society. She exposes a powerful female character yet she is actually under the control of the male culture around her.

* Firstly, her physical description of her is quite offensive in the point of view of a woman. She is described as “slight, almost bony, thin cheeks, small and angular, receding chin, lips that is almost sensual pout on such a small face” It makes it more offensive on her picture as “not exactly an ugly woman, but she was no beauty.” Secondly, is shown as a woman who clings to what the male society that considers an attractive woman such as having big breasts, hips, etc. She forged these qualities by putting a handkerchief on her flat chest and learning how to dress herself to achieve an illusion of hips and bosom. This proves that her consciousness is constructed by the society, a male-dominated one. Lastly, she is performs what the society expects from her as a woman and as a daughter. In the story, she took care of her mother and work hard every day of her life. Until she realizes that she is...
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