The Violence of World War II in the Eastern Front

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Describe and explain the violence of WW2 on the Eastern Front War on the Eastern Front was merciless and ruthless. It was fuelled by both racism and ideology, and driven by two dictators Hitler and Stalin. The Nazis wanted to extend their territory at the expense of the Russian citizens, abolish communism and exterminate Jews. In this essay I will describe and explain the violence on the eastern Front, the extreme violence during the war such as the siege of Stalingrad and the violence against civilians, for example massacres, burning of lands, attacking of villages, etc… Hitler wanted to expand the German territory, therefore in June 1941, he invaded the Soviet Union in an attack names Operation Barbarossa. He was expecting the Russians to give in and to have a Blitzkrieg (Lightning war). He had not anticipated the Russian resistance and the winter, which was very harsh), and that Stalin’s regime was brutal and efficient. Moreover, the USA sent money and supplies to the Russian army to help. In May 1941, an order was issued to the German army to kill all political leaders and officials without any process or consideration. After the advance of the operation Barbarossa an operations group named Einsatzgruppen, consisting of police launched a crusade against all Jews and communists. Due to the Nazi ideology their goal was to exterminate them. Hitler succeeded in killing 2 million people, including women and children in this way. In June 1941, Stalin gave orders to fight to the last drop of blood. He wanted his people to fight and resist or if they could not, then to destroy all of their food and goods. This left the Germans (and left over civilians) starving as they advanced. In December 1941, the soviets launched a counter-attack on Stalingrad and the Germans found themselves besieged in the freezing cold winter. Neither Hitler not Stalin wanted to give in as their hatred for each other was so strong and their ideologies completely opposed. As a result 300000...
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