The Village

Topics: M. Night Shyamalan, Disability Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: April 5, 2011
The Village

Are you really free if you live in a society controlled by fear? In the movie the village M.Night Shyamalan illustrates a character called Ivy Walker where she is living in a village where she doesn’t know that there are secrets in every corner of the village and her blindness and her innocence’s makes her a memorable character. One of the things that we see of Ivy Walker at the start is her blindness that makes her a memorable character. We see Ivy Walkers blindness as a disability but she never needs help or guide to help her get around the village. It is her blindness that gives her a special ability to see only the goodness in other people’s heart. One of the examples of Ivy Walkers blindness is that she convinces the elders to let her go to the towns to get medicine. She crosses the boundaries of the village and crosses into the towns. She is accompanied by two guides which later deserts her. Ivy’s blindness helps her overcome her fears when she knows that she is followed by “those who do not speak off”. When she finally got to the town a wildlife officer accepts her plea and she says to him “you have kindness in your heart I did not expect this”. I think the purpose was M.Night Shyamalan making Ivy blind is that to show us how hard life is but she coped and she developed a strong relationship with Noah because they had disabilities. The effect on me was that it made me feel sorry because her blindness made me feel that she was isolated in a world with darkness but it is her ability to see kindness in other people’s heart that makes me feel that she’s the only one who can see the light of other people’s hearts. This is what makes her memorable. So this is what I thought one of the things that make her memorable to me and one of the most important factors that make up Ivy Walker as a memorable character. One of the most important factors that make Ivy Walker and the director develops her innocence as the central theme or idea. The leaders of...
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