The Village

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Social isolation refers to a lack of contact with members of one’s kind. In humans, it may be caused by a persistent withdrawal or avoidance of social contact or communication. It can contribute toward many emotional, behavioral and physical disorders including anxiety, eating disorders, panic attacks, addictions, substance abuse, and violence. In the film, The Village, written by M. Night Shyamalen, the villagers demonstrate the ritual view of communication throughout the entire movie.

The Ritual View of Communication is composed up of a sense of belonging; a sense of understanding in the community, a version of reality, and language for what we want to be true and believe is real. The village was created, maintained, transformed, repaired, and produced. The movie is about a tiny, isolated countryside village that believes that there alliance with the mysterious creatures that roam the forest is going to come to an end. The creatures come into the village and demonstrate horrifying acts that frighten the villagers. An alarm goes off when the creatures are entering into the town and everyone runs frantically inside their homes to hopefully find safety.

To bring something into existence is the definition of created. The elders who lived in the outside world at one point, created the village. All of the elders came together because they experienced horrible things in the real world. They decided that they wanted to make a village where society couldn’t hurt them. They all suffered from dramatic events and were determined to start a new life. So they all went into the middle of a forest and built a village that they could call their own.

Maintaining means to keep an existing state and to preserve. To make an entire village from scratch is not an easy task to do. The elders had to start from somewhere. They had kids and then their kids would grow up and have children of there own and so on. Always growing and turning into a more...
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