The Victims of Child Abuse

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Adolescent Sexual Abuse

Rochelle Petermann

Liberty University

May 4, 2012

Mr Kauffman

Child abuse, childhood neglect, childhood emotional scarring, these are just a few of the criminal acts against children and adolescence. Our children need to be protected. They need a life without worry if their parent, friend, or relative is going to hurt them in a way that will affect them and their whole life. Adolescent abuse is on the rise and Children need to be free from all abuse. They deserve to be children and they deserve to feel safe. Protecting our children from abuse should be our number one priority. If we take a stand and use God as our weapon then we will win this battle to protect our children. God tells us in His Word to trust in him with all our heart. He gives us resources to help those in need. We need to start with our children.


Teen sexual abuse has been developing in an increasing amount. The topic of child abuse is controversial, because of the numerous intentions. One is that the meaning of abuse is dissimilar for each individual who has been abused. Currently, the government has defined laws concerning child abuse, but proof of negligence or misconduct is necessary. Another facet is that info on teen abuse is almost always prejudiced, by personal participation or individual beliefs. The facts still remain. Recent findings display that while the statistics are greatest other forms of violent crime are dramatically decreasing; a report of teen abuse and neglect has risen since 1993 (National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, 1999). Origin of Issue

Adolescent abuse transpires the child is abused in a way that can be deliberated in the sexual nature. Adolescent abuse occurs when grown-ups use their position of power to take advantage of their authority to force adolescence into sexual undertaking. However, adolescence abuse does occur between two teens, it often occurs when one wants to show power over another. Even though the sufferer may be adolescence, if they are under the age of 18, it is considered sexual abuse when the committer is an adult of at least 18 years of age. Statistics

Percentages of all inmates in the jail have lived an abusive life as children who are raised in violent households (Hopper, 1996-2012). Six- tenths of all women in state penitentiaries report having experienced a violent upbringing; for several victims, the abuse happened before age 18 (Dyno, Y., 2007). Approximately twenty-five percent of child victimizers our age 42 or older, but about 12% of the prisoners with adult victims fall into that age range. Sentenced rape and sexual assault criminals are serving time in state prisons account for two/thirds of the victims that are under the age of seventeen, and 48% of those persons said their victims were aged ten or younger (Hopper J., 1996-2012). One In four young girls and one in six adolescent boys are the age of seven when they are sexually abused. Adolescent abuse is a rising problem in society. In the US only, typically 4.5 out of 9,000 kids are registered in childcare become molested, and an average of 8.9 of these figures are abused in their own home. Conflicting to widespread acceptance, men are not only the perpetrators in sex cases. Around 60 % of the male victim report one of their abusers to be female. Typical abused children have a lot of the familiar features, including low self-esteem, nightmares of the incident, unrealistic expectations of oneself, and have an anxious childhood. Of the reported cases of abuse in 2000, 17.8% were bodily harm. The tiniest children report of abuse remains the largest section for abuse to occur. Neglect is the most common type of reported and validated form of maltreatment. (Child abuse statistics, 1996-2012).

The Effects of abuse

Teenagers who were abused can involve many variations of emotional and child-development...
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