The Victimology Issue

Topics: Criminology, Risk management, Victimology Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Ryan Donovan
February 19th, 2013

With the high volume of crime in today’s social settings, Victimologists are increasingly examining influences that increase individual chances of victimization. When explaining the vulnerability of a victim, Routines activity theory is emphasized and states that for crime to occur, three components must coincide. The three components are as followed, presence of a motivated offender, presence of an attractive target(s), and the presence or absence of capable guardians (Weiss, lecture, 2/12/13). Of the three components, victim attractiveness and capable guardianship I believe have the greatest influence on victimization. Victim attractiveness is weighed out by the offender in which he compares the potential risk and reward (rational choice theory) that may come about. Whether these potential targets are individuals, homes, or cars, several dimensions are examined by the offender to gain the greatest possible prize (reward) with the least amount of repercussions (risk).

With the presence of capable guardianship being a strong component to victimization, understanding the different aspect guardianship can be viewed as essential. Guardians do not necessarily have to be individuals or groups, but can also be technical gadgets such as motion detectors, burglar alarms, gates, fences, and lighting. Victim’s today ask themselves questions on how they can prevent becoming victim’s tomorrow. Precautions for the prevention of victimization take place among several different levels including individual, household, institution, community, society. According to Karmen, “Victimiologists and criminologists have coined terms to describe the ways people try to diminish their odds of being harmed by incorporating risk-reduction activities into their everyday routines”(110). The following two strategies will employ ideas on how to reduce victimization, risk avoidance, and risk management. While exercising risk avoidance,...
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