The Vice President, the Product Manager and the Misunderstanding

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The Vice President, the Product Manager and the Misunderstanding

By | September 2011
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The most important concept by humanity is the concept of god …. And interesting too even if we accept reality but this concept confuses us …and gives us hope to carry on and to survive… its an amazing thing…even if we consider that god created this world…so we can imagine that he must kept all his power limited to himself and then slowly handled to us human….as we can find in hindu scriptures that first human will completely believe in god and then his faith will vanish slowly and time will come when people wont believe in it at all and the day this will happen that will end the world…to some extent that thing has happened too…but all this beliefs all source of consolation in order to survive…the basic fact is that we want to survive but all this beliefs create an layer which helps us to provide some meaning to life and wil helps us to survive…no matter how many diff belifs and religion and scriptures we have…the base and idea behind them is to survive….they cannot take the priority of survival and that is the foremost….. every beliefs and relegion has compromised against survival…most of religious belief have been compromised before survival…today people dnt even compromise with their luxury before religion…which added new layer in the list…that is of materialistic thing and the things they want in their life….that coz every religion has a great virtue that is forgiveness…they pray “may god forgive us”

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