The Vernissage

Topics: Mother, Marriage, Family Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: April 3, 2011
The Vernissage

This short story was written in 2008, so it is a quite new one. It is about Alex and his family. At the beginning of this short story, Alex’ mother is picking him up from school; they are talking about everyday experiences about his school and her new bought dress. The mother has bought a new dress for the Vernissage she is going to attend to with her husband the following evening. Therefore Alex is going to stay home and doing his homework with company of his babysitter Anne-Marie. At six o’clock his father is coming home. At this hour Alex is laying in his parent’s bedroom underneath his parent’s bed listening to his mother getting ready for the coming evening. When his father gets in to the room a conversation with few words begins. At the ending Alex’s parents walks out and he goes into the bathroom and begin brushing his teeth even though he is soon going to have dinner.

As we already know has Alex been for school and he gets into his mother’s car with a bit trouble because of the group of mothers waiting outside the school gates. He is still a boy who loves banana sandwiches. Yet he still wants to grow older and no longer be considered a child (p. 2, l. 48) “There was something about banana sandwiches, sweet and soft, that made him think of babyfood. Maybe he was getting too old for banana sandwiches,” He loves his mother and has a better relationship to her than he has to his father, he talks and has a lot more contact to his mother shown throughout the whole short story. Considered his bad relationship to his father a nice example is shown (p. 3, l. 100) “He hoped his father would not come looking for him – but that would be unusual,” Therefore it seems like his father doesn’t care that much for his son. Alex is also a very curious boy, or else he wouldn’t be asking so many questions to his mother so many times.

After Alex has slipped into his parent’s bedroom he lies underneath the bed, and he is watching his mother while she is...
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