The Verger

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  • Published: November 20, 2008
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William Somerset Maugham
The Verger
The Round Dozen
Salina Vargas
English IV AP
Period 8

The life of William Somerset Maugham laid the introduction to many of his novels, plays, or short stories. His experiences growing up and traveling the world were the base for his work At the young age of ten, Maugham became an orphan and was sent to live with a religious uncle and lived a life that revolved around school that eventually led him to be a qualified doctor. These childhood experiences were the base for his first novel “Of Human Bondage” that follows the life of a child from childhood to manhood. The character is an orphan left to be raised by a religious aunt and uncle who put him through school where he eventually becomes a doctor. Eventually Maugham became a spy for England in Russia during the Russian revolution. The experiences and events that Maugham saw worked there way onto paper. Maugham is thought as the first to write a modern day spy story, but his health conflicted with his spy career and caused him to follow a different path, where he would travel across Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Mexico as a missionary. The people that he met along the way were used to develop characters for his later stories. Due to the sites of his travels many of his stories are set in Asia, Europe, or Mexico. The experiences and travels of this one man were enough to fill many novels, plays, and short stories; some even made it as far as the silver screen. The Verger

The struggles to keep who you are and still please others is one that Maugham displays in “The Verger”. Albert Edward Foreman must choose between learning how to read and write, which would eventually change his character but keep him with a job, or stick to what he believes and what he believes he is. Maugham uses the motif of illiteracy and success to display the unraveling emotions of the character and the somber tone. Foreman, who is warned that his...
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