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“The Yellow Sweater” vs. “The Veldt”

In the short story “The Yellow Sweater” by Hugh Garner and “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, Imagery and symbolism are portrayed in a similar sense of style which is to make us understand the thoughts and feelings of the characters. However the two authors use it in a very diverse way to set a different kind of tone for each story.

First and foremost, the use of imagery elaborates on the setting of the story which helps us understand the character’s situations from a different angle. In the short story “The Veldt”, Imagery is used quite often to describe Africa and this helps us understand why the kids preferred the house over their parents. This is evident when Peter yells at his father “I wish you were dead!” (Bradbury 90). This goes to show that the kids probably believe that it would not make much of difference in their lives if their parents pass away since they already have the house to fill the spot for them. All that imagery that was being used in this story made us understand why the children love the HappyLife home so much more than their parents.

Similarly, in the short story “The Yellow Sweater” Imagery is also used in order for the readers to understand the situation that the protagonist is going through. The author makes us feel pity for Marie by describing to us how fragile and innocent she is. According to Bradbury, “She tensed herself at his touch and tried to draw away, but he grasped her shoulder and pulled her against him. He could feel the fragility of her beneath his hand and the trembling of her skin beneath the cloth of her coat” (Bradbury 108).

This goes to show that “Tom” the antagonist seems to have power over Marie. By using Imagery, it allows us to have a better understanding of the theme of power portrayed in both stories. Secondly, symbolism in both stories helps the reader understand the amount of power the characters have. In the short story “The Yellow Sweater”...
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