The Veldt Short Story Analysis

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Too Much Technology
“The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury is a short story about a husband and wife who buy a “Happylife Home” to do all of their daily chores. It includes a nursery that will respond to whatever a person thinks. In this short story, Bradbury suggests of technology is reaching a point where it is no longer helpful, but harmful. This theme is portrayed through Bradbury’s use of stylistic devices, and character.

Bradbury’s style throughout his story aids in portraying his theme of technology’s harmful effects. Irony is a one of the stylistic devices that he uses. When a person thinks of a nursery, he pictures a safe, happy place where children can play with their siblings and parents. In this story however, Bradbury keeps the idea of the nursery being a place for play, but he has replaced the typical caregivers, parents or a nanny, with an inanimate machine. This change is the catalyst for of all the disastrous events that take place. The children become more attached to the nursery than their own parents and they become rebellious toward them. Peter even said this to his father “I don't think you'd better consider it any more, Father” (Bradbury). Peter is talking back to his father and it is a result of this rebellion. It is also ironic that the house that is supposed to make life easier so that you have more time to do other things, has made it so easy that a person has so much free time; they do not know what else to do. This is shown when Lydia says to George, “you smoke a little more every morning, and drink a little more every afternoon, and need a little more sedative every night” (Bradbury). Bradbury also uses foreshadowing in the conversation between George and Lydia when she says "Those screams—they sound familiar.” “Do they?” responds George “Yes, awfully” replies Lydia (Bradbury). The reader becomes uncomfortable because of the suggested violence. This violence is a direct result of the nursery being shut down. Technology has...
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