The Veldt

Topics: Peter Pan, Family, Peter and Wendy Pages: 5 (1848 words) Published: April 5, 2012
1. Amorality – not being moral. Can’t distinguish between right and wrong. 2. I agree that children are amoral because they aren’t sure what is right and what is wrong. They need to be taught by mistakes and by their parents. For example, if a child swears and gets in trouble, they didn’t think they did anything wrong because he/she heard from someone else. They don’t know what is right or wrong until they learn it. After Reading

1. The first example of foreshadowing in “The Veldt” is when the parents hear the screaming. That scream that was in the beginning of the story, is actually the scream when they are getting eaten by the lions. The second example of foreshadowing is when the father goes into the nursery and finds his wallet and his wife’s scarf. The lions and the children are using that to eventually kill their parents. The last example of foreshadowing is when Peter says “ ‘I wish you were dead!’ ”(129). Peter and Wendy do kill the parents at the end. They have been planning this in their heads for a while, because the nursery is their parents now, and they want George and Lydia dead. 2. The relationship between the parents and their children is very uncontrollable. The family lives in a house that has a nursery that can take you wherever you like. The nursery is turning into Peter and Wendy’s parents. Technology has become more dominant than the real parents. George and Lydia have become unnecessary to the children, so Peter and Wendy lock them in the nursery for the lions to eat them. The technology is overcoming the whole family, and is controlling the children to do this to their parents because they tried to shut down the nursery. 3. The initial incident happens when Lydia first voices her concerns to her husband George about their children spending so much time in the nursery. They start to realize that their children are spending too much time in the nursery. On page 119 George says “ ‘they live for the nursery’ ”. The children are constantly in the nursery and the parents realize that they need to stop their behavior. The parents talk about shutting down the nursery and the house and living like a normal family instead of an illusionary family. The climax in “The Veldt” is when the parents allow the children to go into the nursery for the last time. The children then lock the door from the outside and the parents are stuck in the nursery. George and Lydia scream, and realize that the screams from before, are theirs. The lions kill them, because they are done eating what they had before and the children feel nothing from killing their parents, because they nursery is their parents now. 4. Peter and Wendy from “The Veldt”, and Peter and Wendy from “Peter Pan”, have both similarities and differences. They are both similar because they have the same names. Also, Peter is in control in both stories. Both Peter and Wendy, in “The Veldt” and “Peter Pan”, use their imaginations to create another world. They all don’t want to grow up; they want have eternal childhood. In “Peter Pan” and “The Veldt”, the adults are the enemies because they try to control the children, but the children want to be in control. The differences they have are that in “The Veldt”, the parents get killed, but in “Peter Pan”, Captain Hook dies, not the parents. The Adults tried to control the children, so they got killed. Peter and Wendy in “Peter Pan” love their parents and runs home to them. In “The Veldt”, the children hate their parents, and kill them. 5. This story has a surprise ending that is an ironic twist on the story of “Peter Pan” because the Peter and Wendy love their parents and run back home to them. In “The Veldt” Peter and Wendy murder their parents because they hate them. George and Lydia tried to shut down the nursery, so the children planned their death. The locked the doors from the outside and let the lions eat them. In “Peter Pan” the children let Captain Hook get eaten by crocodiles. He also tried...
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