The Vanity of Today

Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: December 3, 2012
The Vanity of today.

The vanity of today is everywhere in peoples lives whether they admit it or not. Either it’s what their “friends” do or even just classmates that are next to them, either way there is no escape from it. For so many reasons, people always have “followed the crowd”, or in another words “The Vanity” of today. For those who wonder why people has always done this and why, it’s quite simple. People follow the vanity because of not wanting to be an outcast but to just simply to fit in with the crowd around them, and to do this they choose the theme of today’s real world with their clothing, styles, etc. and there are so many books that even have examples of this like “The Crucible”. In the real world of today everyone just wants to simply fit in. No one wants to be the outcast, because of so many reasons. The world is not easy, which mostly everyone can agree on, it never has. Being and going with the crowd makes people can feel safer, for they won’t have to stand on their own. Plus, it’s much, much easier for them and everyone else when in the crowd. Because when they’re on their own, they have to rely on they’re own experiences and knowledge to make decisions. When they’re in the crowd, they rely on their knowledge and experience to make decisions. Also, when in doubt they rely on what the crowd wants. And everyone that does stand on their own is always usually shunned out or shut out by today‘s society, which is one of peoples of today’s phobias. They follow the vanity to be accepted by their peers, and to not be ostracized for being different. People also stay in crowds for punishment flaws. If something was to go wrong, the blame and responsibilities can be dispersed and spread throughout then the situation, and is displeasing for all. When one is alone and is responsible for whatever is going on, lies squarely on that person’s shoulders. So then, they will do whatever is necessary to ensure the outcome will be the way they want it. With...
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