The Values of American Education

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The Value of American Education
Imagine how the United States would be if they follow the same teaching techniques as the other countries. Many students wouldn’t be able to handle the stress from school. If the schools would change the grading systems it would prepare students to fail. Students are stressed out dealing with popularity, work, and taking care of their siblings. From an early age, students in the American educational system have been taught that they have the ability to achieve whatever they want to be. In America, there are so many ways to achieve a person’s dream. Therefore, American education is okay as it is.

First, our country gives us the freedom to study the way we want. In the American society, we are allowed to learn at our own pace opposed to the Asian community. The American students do not study as hard as the Asian students. In the article “ Strengths, Weaknesses, and Lessons of Japanese Education” James Fallows stated, “ It is no wonder Japanese students have so little room in their lives for anything but studying, or why the motto for so many is ‘ pass with four, fail with five’- referring to the hours of sleep they permit themselves” (201). The schools in America don’t force their students to study many hours. On the other hand, the Japanese force their students to study for hours. Students in America receive very little pressure when they are studying. If a student wants to be successful, he or she can study as long as they can and get into a very good college without being told to study as hard as the Japanese. American institutes are okay because they have the right to study the way they want. Lastly, American schools are okay because they focus on every student.

Next, another reason the American education is okay is because of how we focus on every individual. In the article “Why are U.S. Kids Poor in Math” Barbara Vobejda said, “American teachers also spend more time working with individuals. In japan and Taiwan, where the...
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