The Values and Beliefs of Human Services

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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Latoya Richardson
The Values and Beliefs of Human Services
October 11, 2010
BSHS 322 Communication for Human Services
Mrs. .Amy Donaldson

In order to be a Human Service agent you must have discovered your values and beliefs. When you discover your values and beliefs you are underlying what you can do for your clients, what attributes you can offer them, and setting up a foundation for providing great care.

Values and Beliefs
All clinical interviewing is embedded in a system of values and beliefs that shape the clinical work we do (Dillion, 2003).When adapting to the world we all become familiar with what we believe in and value as a person. These keynotes, determine who we are as an individual. When considering our beliefs and values, we should understand that we as professionals do not want to offend our clients.

The main issues that control our beliefs and values are our environment, history, sex origin and orientation, and religion. The guiding assumptions that manifest my values beliefs for clinical helping as follow: when a client is talking and stating their situation a human service professional should be respectful, insightful, and be willing not to be judgmental about the person’s ordeal. A human service professional should conduct themselves in a trained manner that shows the client they are passionate about what their job duty is, helping them, and as well exhibit a positive demeanor.

Clinical Gestalt
A clinical gestalt occurs when a professional have a preconception about clients (Dillion, 2003). It can become unproblematic to make biased perceptions. According to the text there were several situations that were told and then given changing expectations in sections 2.3 and 2.4 (Dillion, 2003). In the exercises there were five people who were each referred to diverse agencies that would specialize in their situation and the kind of help they need. While reading the first section it was unclear what the diagnoses was...
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