The Value of a College Education

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  • Published : December 20, 2005
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The Value of a College Education
The true meaning of value will be realized for me, when I have received my degree. That piece of paper will represent my commitment and my passion to exceed in the direction my life has taken me. The ticket to enjoy that thrilling ride will be available via that piece of paper provided to all graduating students. The importance of education has many features which scan deep in my history and mold the future I had planned to reach. In my young life, I had no conception for the true meaning of education. I felt that if a person had ten years of experience they would be proficient in their field. What I have learned is many of those people had one year of experience and nine years of doing the same routine. Where is the growth, where is the challenge. I have chose to challenge myself in continuing my education with a degree in business for the simple reason that I know my strengths and now I plan to increase those gifts. As important as my personal value in education, my children can appreciate the understanding of what takes place in your mature life when you are suited with the armor of education. Their mommy graduated from college but daddy is doing that very important task later in life. I can only imagine where my life would have led me if I would have had the same desire for my education as a teenager as opposed to waiting until I reached my forties. The inner personal value this journey is giving back to me is worth every dollar. My education will pay me back ten times financially and psychologically. I have already felt the importance of this new lesson in my life and continue to pray that my children learn from my experience. This learning curve I am going through enlightens my senses and opens me up to new people and friendships. I am grateful that my wife can afford me with the time I need to be the very best I can and graduating with honors is my challenge to myself. The fact is I am quite rusty at any variation of a...
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