The Value of Pets

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  • Published : March 17, 2011
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Shahin Tabatabaei
English: 28
Professor: Brown

The Value of Pets
Pets have value to humans in a variety of ways. Many people keep pets for companionship or pleasure but this value extends much further than this into work assistance, mental and physical healing, parental fulfillment and education as this essay will demonstrate. Although all pets have a value to humans the majority of research has been centered on dogs, and as such, we will concentrate on this area. They are part of our lives.

While domestic pets are capable of transmitting disease and inflicting injury, they may also be of benefit to human health. Studies suggest that companion animals, in addition to their well-known role as helpers to the handicapped, may alleviate depression, solace the lonely, facilitate psycho-therapy, socialize criminals, lower blood pressure, increase survivorship from myocardial infarction and ease the social pain of aging in our society.

This paper discusses how pets can have an effect on the mental health of their owner. The paper also reviews literature related to this issue and how such effects of pet ownership include reduced loneliness, less depression, helping people to cope with stress, aiding childhood development and enhancing family life.

Reducing Loneliness
Calming Effect of Pets
Overcoming Depression
Childhood Development
Enhancing Family Life
Which Pets Have the Greatest Effect on Mental Health
"Research shows that pets play a useful role in strengthening family relationships and are usually regarded as members of the family. They are associated with greater family cohesion and reducing family tensions due to their shared bond with all family members. Pets are often the subject of interest and discussion in the family and bring the family together through collective activities like taking walks together. As a result, pets contribute significantly to an increase in family happiness...
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