The Value of Higher Education

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Ruben Zamudio
English 1
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Dr. Garnica
Assignment 1

The Value of a Higher Education

As the predecessor for success in America since the 1970s, college is questioned more and more this generation whether its stature is essential for socioeconomic mobility. What once was seen as the eroding force of class divisions has sadly become the reason for its fortification. This eroding force does however give a pleasant image of a better life with a higher earning career at hand. The instability of the nation’s economy has made it difficult for students of low-income class to get access to colleges and universities and surpass the invisible barriers that hold them back from achieving the American dream every citizen has.

One major drawback for access to higher education can be focused directly on the nation. Since the tragic incident of 9/11, our nation’s spending towards defense has dramatically increased. What does that mean? Not enough dollars are going towards what matters most: education. The Bush’s administration’s 2007 budget proposed the largest cut to federal education funding since the twenty-six years of existence for the Education Department—a loss of $2.1 billion. This cut meant that schools and colleges throughout the nation had to compete more than ever for proper funding from the government, both at the state and federal level. As resources are being stripped from schools, struggling students will only continue to struggle, while students with money and resources continue to add on to the legacy that has preceded them.

This information does not include another economic sector that has made it difficult for students to access higher education, the ever-growing cost of college tuition. “College tuition has increased 66% beyond inflation within the last ten years, and 26% at private institutions”. Higher education was looked at to further the knowledge of our nation’s citizens, to expand and better what we had, but due to the...
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