The Value and Importance of Training

Topics: Skill, Educational psychology, Training Pages: 6 (1797 words) Published: April 22, 2012
The Value and Importance of Training
Stacey Moore
Strayer University
Training and Development – BUS407
Professor Danielle Camacho
January 27, 2012

In today’s competitive environment, where technology is rapidly changing and evolving, it becomes very important for employees to continuously improve their knowledge, skills and abilities to be efficient, effective, and competitive. This is often achieved through training and professional development, which may be defined as “the process that enhances the employees’ with knowledge and skills to perform more effectively” (Blanchard & Thacker, 2010, p. 4). A performance measure for many organizations is the ability for employees to react timely and proactively to the inevitable changes that will occur in the job environment. Training has the ability to equip employees within an organization with skills that may be seen as an advantage among competitors. Goldstein and Ford, (2002, p. 1) stated that “training programs are planned to produce, for example, a more considerate supervisor, a more competent technician in the workplace, or leaders of complex organizations”. Training is a mechanism that could also lead to greater levels of both employee satisfaction and retention, by providing employees with a reference that aligns with the strategic directions of the organization. This can play a vital role in the success of an establishment. The organization I have selected is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and specifically the division of chronic disease and programs. The CDC is a federal agency whose primary mission is monitoring and surveillance of the nation’s health, and to provide funding for the control and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, and enhancing quality of life by controlling illness and death from the prevalence of chronic diseases. The CDC is comprised of a variety of divisions such as Division of Community Health, Heart Disease and Stroke and Prevention, Diabetes, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, Reproductive Health, and Office of Smoking and Health. Each of these divisions play a role in assisting state health agencies, community based organizations, non-for-profit and 501-3-C agencies to facilitate policy, system, and environmental changes that will have far reaching health outcomes by improving the social determinants of health and achieving health equity. Trends in Training

Traditional classroom training is no longer the only mode of learning. An assessment of the current trends in training determined that technological innovations appear to be the front-runner (Bos, 2007). It was also estimated that 80% of training is taught by live instructors, although most of the content is delivered online from distant locations. About 13% of training today is computer-based training with no live instructor through such format as CD-rom. Only 9% of training is performed on the job, and through self-study (Bos, 2007). Technology has also enabled training to take place in multiple geographic locations at the same time. Today, employees’ are provided a range of options to meet their training needs and preferences, and this is true of the CDC also. The methods and approaches being utilized to deliver training has definitely changed. Technology allows individuals to train at their own pace via the internet. At the CDC, the opportunity to offer multiple sessions in the area of Information Technology and using other computer tools and modalities is made possible via the internet. The organization pays for the licensure of these tools and contract for multiple training sessions as a packaged deal. Even though there is a face-to-face facilitator, each student has their own terminal to practice and learn hands on. Annual required training such as Ethics, Security Awareness Training and Records Management Training are completely web-based with the opportunity for the learner to begin pause, and resume...
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