The Validity of Chinese College Entrance Exam Is Questioned

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Xiaoqi Jin (Jessica)
Professor Karen
College English Writing
23 July 2012
The validity of Chinese college entrance exam is questioned
The Chinese College Entrance Exam is some ways like the SAT, except it lasts more than three times long as the SAT tests. It is offered just once a year and the result of the two days exam greatly affect the future of any Chinese student. The score determines whether you can receive the college education and what level of the education you can enroll in. For most place of China, only a half of the students are eligible for the college education. One Chinese compared the exam to a stampede of “Thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of horse across a single log bridge.” The time and difficulty it takes for all the soldiers to cross the bridge showcases the students rush to pass the exam. Only a few students qualify to sit and pass the exam. Most colleges rely on the composite score, rather than individual subject scores, the value of the entire exam is questioned by the study (Shum & Zhang 55). History of the exam

The exam is a national determinant in the academic council in China. Taken annually, the exam is a prerequisite in almost all education institutions in China universities. Students are required to take the exam in the last year of their high school education. No age restriction is placed on the individuals taking the exam hence the number of candidates’ increases as years go by (Hargreaves, Lieberman, & Fullan 352). The exam helps the Chinese education system to develop a simple method of placing individuals in the correct course. Regulation of the number of students enrolled in the educational system aids regulating student population growth in the institution of education. The exam sets to enroll students with specified standards into higher education systems. The procedure

The exam runs under equivalent rules as those of SAT. The exam runs to 2 or 3 days with papers offers in Mathematics, Chinese and a foreign language. The entrance exam also requires the candidate to handle papers in six other standard subjects, 3 being sciences and 3 being humanities. The program a student hopes to study determines the subjects examined. On an overall experience, the students go through a science integrity test, a general integrity test, and a humanity integrity test. The general procedure and requirements of the exam is set within the constitution of the republic of China. The student taking the exam has to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Health is also an important factor the education system considers. The examination council does not allow for students enrolled in a higher education program to take the exam. Students applying for special courses such as the military are allowed to take the exam with special specifications (Shu 52). The advantages and disadvantages of the exam

The exam is important to the Chinese people as it offers a fair platform for talents presented by the China students. Every student is considered equal before the marks, which makes it fair for students to enroll in colleges. The exam elevated the will of teenagers to accomplish in the academic sector. In a technological oriented country like China, the exam is important as it improves the level of education. Students strive to perform well as it determines their success. The exam works with individual groups within a community who associate with leadership of an area. This helps gain control over the set territory in the community. The exam helps the country deal with illegal behavior, either as a group or individually (Burger 177).

The youth are vulnerable to becoming unproductive gang members as they have all characteristics that meet the gang demands. Various ethnic backgrounds have gangs operating on the streets. Young people become gang members for benefits such as protection, respect, money and power. The vulnerability of the youth provide an easy time for gang...
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