The Utopian System

Topics: Property, Utopia, Religion Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Ms. Tilka
English 1310
April 17th, 2012
The Utopian System
In Utopia, Hythloday is a philosopher who describes his ideas of government that are contrary to that of England. He uses his experiences of Utopian society to convince More and Giles how England’s system of government is flawed. Utopia is a community revolving around democracy, religious tolerance, and abolishment of individuals owning property. The Monarchy of England could not adopt these policies expressed by Hythloday due to its rigid religious beliefs, and private property ownership of individuals. Hythloday’s views would ruin the founding structure of English society.

The dictatorship of England is the prime decision making tool to help England succeed. Hythloday’s idea of democracy would cause England to lose order. Hythloday believed “…everything is shared equally, and everyone lives in plenty.” But in contrast England is based off of rich elites who control servants. The elites control the power in England. Making everyone equal, including all people who are poor or servants would create much controversy. The people who have all the power would never agree to give up their life of luxury in order to make everyone equal among the society. The Utopian idea being thrown into England would create immediate chaos; therefore Hythloday’s Utopian culture would not work.

Another view of Hythloday was religious tolerance among the community. England was very strict when it came to religious beliefs. People were prosecuted when Connor McMullin 2
they did not believe in the national religion. People who did not have a common belief were looked down upon. Bringing in religious tolerance to England could have divided the nation. People who did not have the same religion wouldn’t associate with one another, which would create dissent among the country. A divided country cannot survive. The idea of religious tolerance would be too much for a country like England to handle if it were to be applied...
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