The Utilization of Organic Waste Materials for Biofuel Production

Topics: Biofuel, Biodegradable waste, Carbon dioxide Pages: 10 (2961 words) Published: November 25, 2012
The Utilization of Organic Waste Materials for Biofuel Production

A Research Paper Presented to
Professor Janet Clemente
Mapua Institute of Technology

in partial fulfillment
of the requirements in
English for Academic Purposes 2

Hazel Joy H. Arellano
Al Joseph R. Jimeno

February 2012


The increasing criticism of the first-generation biofuel has raised the potential of the so-called second-generation biofuel. These include any organic industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural wastes. These residues and by-products is a potential feedstock in the production of this biofuel. This paper will attempt to determine the different potential impacts of the second generation biofuel on the society compare to the first generation biofuel and what would be the possible outcome if this was continuously used. An interview was conducted at the Department of Biomass, DOE, on the director of the said department, Andresito Ulgado. It contributed a lot on the progress of this research. As we go through this research, biofuel from organic waste materials has potential on economic, environment and social impact. This really provides benefits on the economy of a country and reduces dependency of foreign fuels. In terms of the environmental impact, these biofuels doesn’t hundred percent lessen the environmental problems but rather it could develop new environmental problems. The quality of the soil may be greatly affected and may lead to soil erosion and a lot of water can be wasted because crops plantation demands a lot of water. But this biofuel can lessen greenhouse gases and CO2. On social impact, these biofuel could provide and opened new jobs like biomass transportation, biomass collection and a lot, but jobs are limited. In other words, these biofuel has positive impact on the economy of a country and socially but not contribute hundred percent on the environment. To the future researchers, these topic is a great thing to research on, maybe they could research on how extensive these biofuels from organic waste materials is used in a specific country or in the world.

" ...we generate a lot of waste and this is a potential feedstock for biofuel production... But, I believe this is a potential one." - A. Ulgado
The production of biofuels has been rapidly increasing over the last decades but these biofuels has raised some important concerns. In particular, first generation biofuels from staple foods has been very controversial regarding its negative impact in the society, blamed to cause deforestation, displacement of food crops and increases the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. For biofuels to be truly sustainable they need to be produce without affecting the food production. So, scientists are developing fuel out of anything, from organic waste and rotting garbage. These organic wastes are potential feedstock for second generation biofuels.

Sustainable biofuel from organic waste materials will provide benefits compared to first-generation biofuels. These are expected to provide advantages and implications in the economy, environment and social life. The researchers came with this stand because of the continuous unprecedented high price of fossil fuels and the controversies that first-generation biofuels faced, which has a negative effect on the society. As Andresito Ulgado, director of the Department of Biomass, stated, we generate a lot of waste and from this, we can produce biofuels. But since these second-generation biofuels are not yet commercialized, there are possibilities that these are less effective compared to fossil fuels and have limited applications. These biofuels are seen as a commercial risk because these will require complex logistics system and good infrastructure. Financing these projects would be very costly for it will require ten times as much capital as a first generation plant of the same capacity. This research paper will focus on the benefits of biofuel...
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